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Remedial Stone Fusion Hot Stone Massage

Edging Triggering Scapula

Remedial Stone Fusion – 2 Day – $695

Remedial Stone Fusion Hot Stone Massage is the perfect mixture of remedial massage and remedial hot stone techniques. We call it “The Best of Both Worlds”

The therapeutic thermal effects of the hot stone massage are numerous. The superficial heat helps to improve blood flow and causes vasodilation (an increase in size of blood vessels). With the improved blood flow there is improved oxygenation in the body and potentially more healing cells into the area.

The superficial heat from the hot stones can also decrease pain. The heat has an overall analgesic and sedative effect on the nerves that cause pain. This can help to decrease muscle spasms and relax the muscles.

The heat also helps to decrease stiffness in the joints and connective tissue. Heat also improves the elasticity in the connective tissues and soft tissues such as muscles and tendons, improving movement and flexibility.

Learning this deeply effective massage will not only appeal to a wider range of clients, but is easy on the therapists hands, joints and muscles, which may increase the longevity of their massage career.

Remedial Stone Fusion Course Outline

Attracts 16 ATMS 16 Continuing Professional Education Points (CPE)

Prerequisite: Swedish or Aromatherapy Massage

This course is aimed at the remedial massage therapists and relaxation massage experts.  Remedial Stone Fusion is a combination of Remedial and Hot Stone techniques that will add a new dimension to your practice.  Combining remedial and hot stone techniques results in an extremely effective treatment, enabling the therapist to give a deeper massage, producing fast results by reducing pain and stiffness as the body relaxes naturally with the warmth of the stones.  This makes it the perfect choice for clients with a low pain tolerance.  The application of alternating hot and cold stones, creates the deepest thermo-therapeutic healing by relaxing the muscles, decongesting the tissues and easing sore joints.

For Relaxation Massage Specialists:  A full body relaxation hot and cold stone sequence is also taught, including stone layout, face, feet and hands.

For the Therapist using stones instead of wrists and thumbs is a much healthier alternative and may aid the longevity of your career as a therapist.

By learning the art of Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy you can offer your clients a treatment that is not only enjoyable, but highly effective for reducing stress, anxiety, pain and poor circulation.

All our courses are run by qualified, experienced, practicing therapists.  Our classes are fun, relaxed but professional, and create a strong and enjoyable learning environment.

Remedial Hot Stone Compressions

Key Elements/Learning Outcomes:

This is a 2-day learning module where you give and receive a Remedial Stone Fusion hot and cold stone massage.

Upon completion of this training module you will gain an understanding of:

  • Introduction -The history and development of Hot Stone Therapy
  • Benefits of thermotherapy (hot stones) & cryotherapy (cold stones)
  • Selecting and caring for the stones used in hot & cold Stone Massage treatments
  • How to heat and cool the stones
  • How to apply heat safely and efficiently for therapist and client
  • Combine remedial and hot and cold stone massage techniques
  • Contra-indications and cautions of hot & cold stones in massage
  • Preparation of the treatment area and client for a stone massage
  • How to use the stones to perform remedial techniques, safely and effectively
  • Cleaning the stones and equipment to a hygienic standard
  • Tips on doing a spa style treatment
  • Tips on marketing and introducing the treatment to your clients and
  • Will be able to perform an effective therapeutic Remedial Stone Fusion treatment.

Our courses offer ongoing support for questions that may arise after completion of your course

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What our clients say...

My name is Nathan and I highly recommend Sarah from Inner Alchemy Massage Training and Aromatherapy and her Remedial Hot Stone Fusion course.

I have been a remedial massage therapist for over 15 years, and I was looking for other types of treatments I could offer my clients and this was the best decision I ever made.

My clients love getting hot stone treatments and it allows my hands to have a rest and let the stones do all the heavy lifting for a change.

If you are thinking of doing this course you will not be disappointed.

Nathan Sinclair - First Class Massage