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Swedish Massage

Male Swedish Massage

Learn a heavenly, full body Swedish Massage that aalleviates muscular aches and pains and rejuvenates mind, body and spirit.

We understand the importance of keeping your muscles loose between sporting games and preventing injuries. We also know that a long relaxing massage can also be the highlight of a stressful, busy, busy working week.

Learn this healing, full body massage to melt aches and worries away and delight your family, friends or clients by taking them into a deep place of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Swedish Massage – 2 Day – $695

Swedish Massage – Course Outline

This course is aimed at people who would like to learn a full body, spa-style Swedish Massage for home use, or those who would like to create a relaxation massage business.

Swedish Massage is the most well known and commonly offered type of massage due its popularity in beauty clinics, luxury spas and wellness centers around the world.  Swedish Massage is the original massage technique involving a sequence of long, kneading rhythmic movements to release tension and energise your body.  It works on the superficial muscle layers and soft tissue to improve circulation, increase joint movement and energises mind, body and spirit.

Swedish Massage uses a firm but gentle pressure to improve circulation and flexibility, ease muscle aches, reduce stress and tension and promotes deep and luxurious, relaxation.

Swedish Massage is also one of the most taught and well-know therapy and the beginning point for all massage therapists and the foundation for many other forms of massage.

Key Elements/Learning Outcomes

This is a 2-day workshop (16 hours Face-to-Face training) where you both give and receive a Swedish Massage.

Upon completion of this training module you will have an understanding of:

    • The history and development of Swedish Massage
    • The benefits of Swedish Massage
    • Appropriate draping techniques, massage protocols and etiquette
    • Preparation of the treatment area and client for a Swedish Massage
    • Contraindications, safety and cautions of Swedish Massage
    • Full Swedish Massage sequence techniques
    • How to conduct and record a full client health history
    • Simple anatomy of the muscle of the upper thoracic and lower lumber region
    • An introduction to some of the types of oils used for massage
    • On completion of the workshop, you will be able to perform a full body Swedish Massage

    We also offer an ongoing mentorship service to our students – access to calling or emailing your teacher to assist with questions that may occur after completion of the course. 

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